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Member Engagement Form

Kirkwood – Des Peres Area Chamber of Commerce Purpose
"Growing business through community. And community through business"
• Strengthen the area's economic vitality, business success, job creation and quality of life
• Connect, promote, and support our members with opportunities to grow and prosper
• Develop and advocate for innovative and smart policies related to economic development, transportation, and inclusion
• Strategically connect leaders and policymakers to strengthen the region's competitiveness

Your Contribution to the Chamber:
• Getting involved in Chamber Committees
• Remain a paid and current member of dues and other obligations
• Build the brand of the organization through participation and community involvement
• Attend and financially support Chamber events
• Actively promote the Chamber and recruit members

The Chamber’s Contributions to You:
• Build quality working and personal relationships
• Create a healthy economy and improve the quality of life in the community
• Meet and work closely with business leaders outside your industry
• Advance your knowledge of non-profits, governance, and community leadership
• Have some fun!
Personal and Professional Information
Business Address
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Preferred Means of Communication *
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Please check your skills and strengths that would align with those of the Chamber: *
Thank You. On behalf of the Board of Directors and Chamber Staff, thank you for your interest and commitment to the Kirkwood Des Pere Chamber of Commerce. Your business is priority for us, and we do not take lightly this effort to help define ways to utilize your skills and support your business at a higher level. Should you need more information about the Chamber or have questions please connect with a Board Member, Ambassador or Chamber Staff.
By submitting this application, I understand that the Chamber staff, Board will utilize this information for future engagement opportunities for myself and the Chamber.

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